As one of Kent’s leading electrical contractors, we provide exceptional and extensive Home Cinema installation services.


Got a vision? We'll help bring it to life!

An initial consultation with you forms the basis of our plan, and from there, we create a home theatre design that suits your needs and budget, and, of course, suits the area to be used. Then, we safely and efficiently bring your home theatre dreams to life!

We take into account specifications – like the size of the room – to create an entertainment experience even the big cinema chains will envy. The home theatre trend is increasing throughout the Kent & Surrey area: more people are realising a luxurious home theatre is actually more attainable than they might have originally thought! So look no further for help with your dream home cinema installation in Kent. 

Home Cenima Image

In a certain room of the house, a home theatre installation from Flare electrical could be a simple operation or a more sophisticated and high tech endeavour (popcorn and drinks included!)

Home Cinema

Projector Units & Screen Installation

Project your favourite movies with a cinema-like experience using a projector unit or a screen!

A retractable projector unit can be hidden in a wall or ceiling providing a cleaner and neater space when it’s not in use.

Alternatively, you can opt for a large plasma or LED TV for your home theatre. Consider whether you want a TV that can connect to Wi-Fi, too!

TV Wall Mounts

You mightn’t realise just how heavy television screens can be.

Unacceptable wall mounts pose an extreme risk, so always choose a professional who’ll provide you with the correct mounts for the size and weight of your television.

Now that your impressive screen is fixed in place, we’re nearly ready to begin the movie marathon.

Speakers & Audio

What good is the cinema room without exceptional audio?

Surround sound completes the home theatre experience and speakers should be put in the right location to achieve this; let Flare Electrical devise the right solution for your space!

As one of the leading electrical contractors in Kent, we have always put our clients’ needs before anything else, and we take pride in offering a specialised service where the quality remains unmatched. 


Home Cinema Installation

Our highly professional, and friendly electricians will provide an honest upfront price, before we start the job. Our team is committed to providing the best and most effective solution to your electrical issues. 

We understand that renovating a home, project management and loss of power can be stressful, and we’re here to help. We are fast, responsive and can get there quickly when you need. 

As master electricians we are also highly trained in handling any electrical situation and ensuring all work comply with Australian Standards.