FUSE BOARD Replacement & Upgrade

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Thinking of a Fuse Board upgrade? For many homeowners this can be a daunting job.

Here at Flare Electrical, we can help make this process as painless as possible. Our aim is to inform our clients as best we can, to help them make informed decisions, whilst providing quality and affordable installations.

The core of every electrical installation is the Fuse Board. Many properties in the UK still have outdated circuit protection, inadequate earthing and no residual current devices.

Most people would prefer to stick with their current fuse box, in order to save some money, but replacing fuse board, when necessary could be vital for the safety of the property and the occupants.

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Thinking about upgrading your home?

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, we can help you to determine the additional power that you will need. 

Home additions, kitchen renovations and major appliance installation such as an oven, dryers, heating, hot tubs, garage door openers, emergency generator, and outdoor security lights might require an upgrade in your electrical panel or a sub-panel installation.


A fuse board and a consumer unit serve the same purpose. The main thing they do is to distribute electricity in your house through multiple circuits and instantly turn the power off, whenever a power overload occurs on one of the circuits. This is most commonly known as “tripping”.

When tripping occurs, the consumer unit will switch the power off using the circuit breaker, which is linked to the overloaded circuit. It will turn itself to the position OFF making the faulty circuit easily identifiable. After the circuit is fixed, the circuit breaker can be switched back on and the power restored.

Fuse board, on the other hand, uses fuses instead of circuit breakers. Each fuse contains a wire which will melt if there is an electrical overload and make the circuit trip and switch the power off. Few of the down sides of fuse boards is that, tt is not easy to identify the faulty circuit, when using fuse board. Also once the fuse wire is melted, it needs to be replaced with new one, which could be extremely inconvenient if you do not have a spare one.

In general consumer units are the modern and safer version of fuse boards which in most cases are no longer compliant with current electrical regulations.
If your house is fitted with an old fuse box, this might be time to for you to consider a fuse board replacement.


Earthing is used to protect you from an electric shock. It does this by providing a path (a protective conductor) for a fault current to flow to earth. It also causes the protective device (either a circuit-breaker or fuse) to switch off the electric current to the circuit that has the fault.

If there is a fault in your electrical installation you could get an electric shock if you touch a live metal part. This is because the electricity may use your body as a path from the live part to the earth part.

For example, if a cooker has a fault, the fault current flows to earth through the protective (earthing) conductors. A protective device (fuse or circuit-breaker) in the consumer unit switches off the electrical supply to the cooker. The cooker is now safe from causing an electric shock to anyone who touches it.

As it is consumer’s responsibility to ensure that the electrical installation is correctly earthed, it is very important to ensure that the electrical contractor is knowledgeable and experienced. The electrical installer, acting on behalf of the consumer, have to ensure that the earthing connection is suitable for the requirements of the electrical installation and that it is properly connected to the earthing conductor of the installation.

Our highly professional, and friendly electricians will provide an honest upfront price, before we start the job. Our team is committed to providing the best and most effective solution to your electrical issues. 

We understand that renovating a home, project management and loss of power can be stressful, and we’re here to help. We are fast, responsive and can get there quickly when you need. 

As master electricians we are also highly trained in handling any electrical situation and ensuring all work comply with UK Standards.