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Ensuring Safety in your home

Did you know the number one cause of electrical related deaths & injuries in the UK arise from electrical faults within homes? This means things like faulty power points, poor wiring, earth leakages, etc.

As dangerous as these scenarios are, they’re also very preventable. Like most things, it’s knowing what to look for and where to look that makes the difference.

It’s not uncommon to come across homes that have multiple electrical faults without even knowing about it and more often than not, it’s these scenarios that become the dangerous ones. Common problems include:

Broken Lights
Burning Plug

What to do when you smell a burning smell from an outlet

  • Unplug an device from the outlet. 
  • Go to the breaker box and switch off the electricity supply for that outlet.
  • Give us a call

Messing around with electrical work without being fully trained for it can be very dangerous. You may cause serious damage to your home, or even get electrocuted while trying to do it yourself.

No matter how comfortable you feel inspecting your outlet by yourself, letting an electrician handle the wiring issues or any other kind of repairs is always the wisest thing to do.


If all your lights are playing up, it could be due to bad weather interfering with your power supply or a problem with your local utility substation.

However, if the problem persists it may be because of voltage fluctuations in your home, and it’s advisable to consult an electrician.

Minor changes in your home’s voltage are normal, but flickering lights may indicate abnormal fluctuations. Abrupt changes in voltage from low to high can damage electronics and in rare cases cause an electrical fire.

Flickering lights may also coincide with frequent shrinking in the size of your TV picture.

The issue of voltage variations in your home can get worse over time. An electrician will be able to isolate the source of the voltage instability and fix the problem.


Leading causes of electrical fires include defective wiring or other issues with electric systems, particularly loose connections.

Loose connections in an outlet or switch can produce arcing, when electrical current jumps over gaps in the connection. This is a top cause of electrical fires., and a single faulty connection can jeopardise your entire electrical system.

Electrical connections need to be tight to avoid creating resistance. Even low resistance can overheat connections and surrounding wires. This can spark a fire if it happens near flammable material.

For example, a bad connection can occur in a loose terminal on a device or coupling to a circuit breaker. If you believe you have a loose connection, call an electrician contractor.

If the lights in your home keep fluctuating between dim and bright (without using a dimmer switch), you could have a loose or corroded wire in your circuit breaker. This is a serious problem requiring prompt professional attention.

Finding Fault in Power Box

Overloading of circuits can result in overheating and burnout of parts, which can cause a fire. It may be an indication of an old or malfunctioning electrical panel or fuse box that can’t cope with the power requirements of modern technology.


If your lights start flickering when you use a high-wattage appliance like a washing machine or air conditioning, the problem may be an overloaded circuit – your appliances demanding more electrical current than your circuit can provide.

If the flickering only occurs briefly when the appliance first kicks in, this may not be a worry, because large appliances draw more current as they start up. Even in a well-designed electrical system, some minor flickering of lights can happen.

If the flickering persists, though, there’s a problem that needs addressing. If the issue isn’t a circuit overload, it’s likely to be the appliance itself.


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